Welcome to your doctoral studies at BTH!

To get started you are recommended to go through the check list for new Doctoral students at BTH below.


☐ Read your decision of acceptance.
The PhD education towards doctorate is equivalent to four years full time studies and you should know the starting date of your studies.

☐ Read your decision of employment (if you are employed as a PhD student at BTH).
The employment as a PhD student is limited in time and you should know the starting date and end date of your employment.


☐ Familiarize yourself with the roles and division of responsibilities in the doctoral education
The purpose of roles and responsibilities in doctoral education is to clarify the different roles and the division of responsibilities in order to create the conditions for a goal oriented, systematic and continuous quality development and quality assurance of the doctoral education.


☐ Read the General Study Plan (Allmän studieplan) for your subject.
This is the study plan that sets the structure for your education. It says how many course credits you need and what goals you need to attain.

☐ Familiarize yourself with the structure of the Individual Study Plan.
This is your “agreement” with BTH about the content of your education.

☐ Set a time for the establishment of your first Individual Study Plan together with your Supervisors and Examiner.
The Individual Study Plan should be sent in to Registrator no later than two months after your admission date.

☐ Plan for regular meetings with your supervisors and Examiner and set a date for the yearly review meeting of your Individual Study Plan.

☐ Select a Senior Reviewer for your Individual Study Plan.
The Senior Reviewer should provide experience and input about advising PhD students, and need not be an expert in the area of your research studies; your supervisors and examiner are such experts. The Senior Reviewer must be someone from another department and preferably from the other Faculty. Try to select someone that will balance the gender distribution in your ISP meetings. The Senior Reviewer should preferably be a Docent or Professor. You need to contact the person, and the person must agree to act as Senior Reviewer for you.


☐ Know where to find further information about your PhD studies and the rules that governs them here at the Doctoral student portal.
The Doctoral student portal is the main source for information in English directed to PhD students.

☐ Know where to find further information about what happens at BTH here on BTH Inside.
BTH Inside is the staff webb at BTH and all news and information directed towards staff at BTH is published here. All information is in Swedish but should you wish to translate it into English, a translation plug-in can easily solve this.

☐ Check out if the FAQ answers any questions you might have.
You will probably have a lot of questions during your Phd studies and the answers to some can be found here.


☐ Know how to contact the PhD Student Committee.
The PhD Student Committee is an association for doctoral students at BTH. The purpose of the committee is to promote the members’ common interests, such as more efficient research and research education. Check out the PhD-Pal programme to help with onboarding for new PhD students.

☐ Know how to contact the Dean at your Faculty.
The Deans have the ultimate responsibility for the quality assurance of the doctoral education and can be contacted should a problem occur that other functions at BTH cannot handle.

☐ Know who to turn to with questions about your admission.
The Research Administration handles all administrative matters such as admission and registration. Research Administration is located at Campus Gräsvik, House J, floor 2 and can be contacted at

☐ Know who to turn to with questions about your employment.
The HR department handles all employment related matters. HR is located at Campus Gräsvik, House J, floor 4 and can be contacted at