Digital venue exam

Digital venue exam

How to start the exam

  • Log on to with your username ( and password.
  • Also, select the language before logging in.
  • Choose “Click here to get ready”
  • Select “Open the test in Safe Exam Browser” (SEB)
  • Allow SEB to open in the browser.
  • Enter the code for SEB. The code is on the board or is announced by the examination host.
  • Select “Open exam”

If you have any questions or problems, raise your hand to call for the exam host.

Settings for when the exam has been opened

  • If you need to change the text size, language or enable speech synthesis – open Settings in the upper right corner.

When you want to finish your exam

  • When you have answered all the questions > “Submit now”
  • Don’t forget to quit out of the Safe Exam Browser

How do I see my results?

To see your results, log in again, see instructions above. In “Archive” you will find your result and possible feedback when the teacher has finished the assessment.


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Del 2 Scan (hybrid-examination)

Del 3 Write examination

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