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Degree- and course certificate.


Due to the version upgrade of Ladok the application for degree certificate and course certificate will not be processed during 2018-02-15 - 2018-03-12.

Here you will find the application form for Degree Certificate (docx and pdf). Here you will also find the e-form for Course Certificate.

Please read the information on the application forms thoroughly. If you have questions please contact examen@bth.se

FAQ-Degree Certificate

Diploma supplement?

All degree certificates issued by higher education institutions includes an appendix, a diploma supplement. The diploma supplement is given automatically and free of charge.

Language of instruction?

This information is given in your diploma supplement.


Sweden do not use GPA/CGPA. No overall grade is given and students are not ranked in Sweden. This information is given in your diploma supplement. 


Degree according to the former degree regulation

If you started your studies before 2007-07-01 and you have completed all your courses before 2015-06-30 you can apply for degree certficate according to the former degree regulation. 

Please contact examen@bth.se for the application form.