PhD Pal Programme

PhD Pal Programme

PhD Pal programme is an initiative to help new PhD students at BTH with onboarding and getting them acquainted with the research education, BTH campuses, and other available support functions.

The program is  intended to be a complement to the other onboarding activities and a chance for new PhD student to get a kickstart in their networking at BTH.


What kind of help can the new PhD student get through the programme?

Your PhD pal (PhD student mentor) can:

  • Make you acquainted with the different support functions at BTH.
  • Help you in finding an accommodation.
  • Advice on opening bank account, filling in visa application, selecting Internet provider, i.e. if you are coming from outside of Sweden.
  • Introduce the campuses and the cities to you.
  • Welcome you to the campus (where you would be sitting), and get you acquainted with the campus.
  • Introduce you to the PhD student committee members.


  • Be your pal in your first BTH fika.
  • Share about common unions and memberships.
  • Help you in finding an external reviewer.
  • Share how to find basic courses and how to register.
  • Guide in filling the Individual Study Plan (ISP).


What kind of help can the new PhD student NOT get through the programme?

  • Financial support.
  • Legal or medical advice.


Wish to be a part of the PhD Pal programme?

There are 2 ways for you to join the programme:

1. You can join as a PhD student mentor

If you have been a PhD student at BTH for more than 2 years and wish to welcome and help new PhD students.

Join as mentor

2. You can join as a PhD student mentee

If you are a new PhD student or have been a student for less than 2 years at BTH.

Join as mentee

What happens next?

The PhD Student Committee helps in pairing of PhD student mentor and mentee. This is the handshake event.

Questions / Feedback

The PhD Pal programme is managed by the PhD Student Committee at BTH. Feel free to share feedback or ask questions via: