Campus Karlskrona

Campus Karlskrona

Are you looking for a place to study, warm up food, or store your belongings?

Whether you prefer peaceful corners or lively open spaces, you will find them throughout Campus Karlskrona. Here, you can find everything from comfortable study areas, group study rooms, and computer rooms, to student kitchens.

Opening hours on campus

Students with a BTH card have access to the premises between 06:00-23:00, every day of the week.

It is not allowed to remain in the premises outside of these hours.

During day time, no BTH card is required to enter the campus.

Study areas

There are many study areas in the corridors on campus. Some are a bit more secluded with high backrests, while others are completely open. Choose the space that suits you best.

Is it crowded?

Try going up a floor; it is usually quieter there with fewer people sitting.

Quiet zone

If you want peace and quiet while studying, head to the library; there is a designated quiet zone.

Group study rooms

In the library, there are group study rooms both on the ground floor and on the first floor.

There are also group study rooms in building H, on the same floor as the Student Union’s office. You will find two group study rooms adjacent to the student kitchen, and if you continue along the corridor past the kitchen, there are five more.

Keep in mind that the group study rooms are primarily intended for group work.

Student kitchens and dining areas

There are two student kitchens for those who bring their own food. Both kitchens are equipped with microwaves and refrigerators. You can find them at the following places:

  • Building J, ground floor, adjacent to the restaurant Bistro J.
  • Oasen, in building H, third floor, opposite the passage to building G.

For everyone’s comfort

  • Unpack your lunchbox before placing it in the refrigerator. This way, more people can fit their food.
  • Help keep the dining areas, microwaves, and refrigerators clean and tidy.

Purchase food, snacks and “fika”

If you would rather purchase something to eat, consider the following options:

  • The restaurant Bistro J on the ground floor of building J.
  • The Student Union’s Kiosk on the third floor of building H.
  • Vending machines for coffee, snacks, and soft drinks are available near the Oasen student kitchen on the third floor of building H.

Storage lockers

If you want to lock up your belongings during the day, there are storage lockers in building H, third floor, adjacent to the Student Union’s office.


  • BTH is not responsible for valuables stored in the lockers.
  • The storage lockers can only be used during daytime, from 07:45 to 20:00.
  • Lockers must be emptied daily after use.
  • BTH will open and clear lockers that have been locked for a week.
  • You must purchase your own padlock.
  • You are responsible for keeping the locker in good condition.

Students who violate the rules may lose the right to use the school’s storage lockers. If BTH deems it necessary to open a locker, this will be done in the student’s presence. In other cases, where exceptional circumstances exist, BTH may open the locker even if the student is not present.

Find your way around Campus Karlskrona

If you are looking for a specific room number, read it as follows: the letter represents the building, and the first digit represents the floor. For example, the room labeled ‘Multisal J1504’ is located in building J on the first floor.

Karta över Campus Karlskrona

Building A
(1) Reception. The reception can help you with parking permit, BTH card and more.

Building C
Department of Spatial Planning
Collaboration and Innovation Unit

Building D
BTH Research and Education Clinic

Building G
Innovation labs

Building H
(3) Library
Group study rooms
Academic Skills Centre
Student Union’s office
Student kitchen, Oasen

Department of Health
Department of Computer Science
Department of Strategic Sustainable Development

Building J
(2) Multisalen J1504
Restaurant Bistro J
Student kitchen
Student support
International Office
Ericsson Space

Department of Computer Science
Department of Industrial Economics
Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Software Engineering

Higher Education Development Unit
University Executive Unit
Vice-Chancellor’s Office

(4) Minervasalen

Serenity room

Interiör stilla rummet

The Serenity Room is a multi-religious room that students and staff can use for relaxation and peace of mind. The room is free of religious symbols, but you can bring your own or use what is kept in the cupboard.

Venue: Building C, room C247, Campus Karlskrona.

Opening hours: 08:00-17:00, access with the BTH card.

When entering the room: Please take off your shoes and place them in the designated place, show consideration and follow the existing rules.

Contact the Facilities and Services Office

Fault reports

For non-urgent matters related to facilities, equipment, and similar issues, please submit a fault report to

Cleaning services

If you have any concerns regarding cleaning services, feel free to email:

Suggestions for improvement

Do you have any suggestions for improvement? Feel free to reach out to