FAQ – Questions and answers about studies

FAQ - Questions and answers about studies

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact the reception.

If you have questions about the learning platform, timetable, required reading or other issues specific to your course/programme, please contact your course/programme director.

You can register for courses in Ladok for students. Find out more here.

There can be various reasons why you can’t register:

– The registration period has closed

– You are not eligible to take the course – read through your ineligibility decision that you have received by email for more information. You can ask questions to the email address forkunskapskontroll@bth.se.

– You were not eligible to take the course last year – if you have become eligible, you should apply for Registration for a course via e-form.

– If it is not possible to re-register in Ladok for students – you can apply for Registration on a course.

If you still have questions about your registration, you can send an email to the Reception and they will help you.

You can decline your application to BTH on Universityadmissions.se.

Please contact admissions@bth.se as well.

A re-registration is needed if you have not completed a course at the first instance. If the course is offered again at a later instance, you have the option to register on that instance in order to complete the course.

You can re-register on a course in Ladok for students, without applying and with no waiting time. Follow these steps:

Sign in and find your course.

1. Select “Change to another course instance”.

2. Select “Register”.

Please note that if you are a paying student, you cannot re-register in Ladok for Students. You need to apply for re-registration.

Read more in BTH’s study administrative rules.

NB: You will get access to the course in Canvas automatically. If there is a problem with Canvas, please contact the course coordinator that can add you manually to the course place.

If you can not find an option to re-register in Ladok for students, you will have to apply for re-registration using the form Course registration. Please note that the application for re-registration is open about three weeks before the semester begins.

Re-registration for a course is granted on condition that the course is still offered and that there are seats available.

Read more in BTH’s study administrative rules.

NB: You will get access to the course in Canvas automatically. If there is a problem with Canvas, please contact the course coordinator that can add you manually to the course place.

From 1 January 2024, Ladok requires a higher assurance level on your student account in order to log in. Read more.

Are you using the correct format of your username? abcd12@student.bth.se

Are you sure about your password? Otherwise change this via konto.bth.se

After activating the student account, you need to wait 30 minutes before it works everywhere. (You will receive an email when the account is activated).

Still having problems, contact  studentreception@bth.se.

In order to take an exam, you must sign up in advance. The registration period starts 30–14 days before the examination. It is not possible to sign up less than 14 days in advance. Do not forget to check the examination dates.

You will receive information concerning the location by email a few days before the exam. If you did not receive an email, contact tentamen@bth.se

No. You have to be registered for the course to be able to sign up to examination. It is therefore important that you are aware of which courses you are registered for. A list of your registered courses is available in the Ladok for Students.

You can view prescheduled dates for examinations on campus. The time is determined 10 days prior to the examination and rooms are announced a few days before the examination.

Signing up to an examination in advance is a requirement. The registration period begins 30 days before the examination and ends 14 days prior to the examination date. If you did not sign up in time, you will only be able to take the exam if places are available, and you will need to bring proof that you are registered on the course.

It is important to arrive at the examination on time. The doors close 5 minutes before the examination starts for a short information briefing. The next opportunity to enter begins 45 minutes after the examination starts. You cannot participate in the examination if you arrive later than 60 minutes after the start time.

Unauthorised aids, such as telephones, calculators or personal notes are not permitted during the examination. There should be silence and order during the examination.

In special cases, especially in the case of distance learning, students may be allowed to take exams at another location. In such cases, the following rules apply:

  1. It is only permitted to take exams at other universities in Sweden, learning centres connected to the Nitus network, foreign partner universities of BTH, and Swedish authorities abroad.
  2. It is the responsibility of each student to contact the university/institution, learning centre or Swedish authority where he/she wishes to take the examination. This should be done before signing up for an exam at another location (see no. 4).
  3. The student pays any costs relating to the examination. BTH will not act as an intermediary in these circumstances
  4. A request to take an examination at another location should be made no later than two weeks before the date of the examination.
  5. A time difference of up to one hour, in comparison to the set starting time of the examination at BTH, will be allowed. If the examination starts earlier at the other location, the examinee is not allowed to leave the examination room earlier than one hour after the original starting time of the examination at BTH.

If you have any questions about examinations at another location, please email to tentamen@bth.se

The Nitus network 

BTH’s partner universities in Europe

BTH’s partner universities worldwide

If you need help, please contact: tentamen@bth.se

You send an email to studentreception@bth.se and specify which course code you are looking for.