In case of emergency

In case of emergency

In case of an emergency, dial 112 to alert the ambulance service, fire brigade or police.

Addresses Campus Karlskrona

Buildings H and J
Sökvägen 10, Karlskrona

Buildings A, C, D and G
Valhallavägen 1, Karlskrona

Address Campus Karlshamn

Biblioteksgatan 4, Karlshamn

In case of fire

  • Rescue and warn those at risk.
  • Call emergency service – call 112.
  • Extinguish.
  • Leave the area and close the doors. Do not use the elevators.
  • Direct people to the assembly point.
  • When the Rescue Service is on site, the rescue manager takes over the work.
  • The rescue manager decides when it is safe to return to the premises.


Campus Karlskrona

  • Building J, first floor, by the microwave ovens
  • Building H, third floor, by the coffee machine
  • Building H, Department of Health, fifth floor
  • Building D, Länken, at the entrance
  • Building G, basement floor, by the wellness room
  • The wellness room, Campus Gräsvik 26

Campus Karlshamn

  • Building A, first floor, at the Reception
  • Building B, first floor, next to the elevator

Serious events which are not emergencies

  • In case of serious events which are not emergencies, contact the Reception.
  • In non-emergency events which concern premises, equipment and suchlike, report the problem to
  • For non-emergency issues to the police, dial 114 14.
  • In case of work injury, incident, discrimination, victimisation etc., report incident.​

If you have lost your BTH-card it is recommended to block it so no one else can use it.

Fire precautions

  • Check for the nearest evacuation plan so that you are aware of where the escape routes and fire extinguisher equipment is.
  • Doors with the sign Brandörr (Fire door) shall be kept closed.
  • All locales at BTH are equipped with automatic fire alarms.
  • Smoking is not allowed indoors


At an evacuation remember this:

  • Take the nearest way out. It is important that you always know where your nearest escape route is.
  • Go to the assembly area as quickly as possible. The assembly point for Campus Karlskrona is the large parking lot, and for Campus Karlshamn the open square between the buildings
  • Get in touch with fellow students so we can conclude that all have come out safely.
  • Do not return to the premises before you have been told that it is okay to do so.

Evacuation leaders

In case of a fire or disaster, there are a number of people who will assist in a rapid evacuation. It is important that you follow their instructions

Assembly areas

Campus Karlskrona

The footpath between the Entrance Building (House A) and Valhallavägen.

Campus Karlshamn

The open square between the buildings.

Discrimination and harassment

If you feel that you have been subjected to discrimination or harassment you can turn to Conversational support, or someone you trust at BTH, for guidance.

Read the folder Discrimination, harassment and victimisation for more information.

Report incident here.


All burglary and theft in BTHs premises must be reported to the police (phone 114 14).

The police report shall be done by the affected person.

Urgent property matters during evenings/nights.

In case of acute events (leakage, fire/fire alarm, broken windows/front doors) in evenings/nights and weekends, contact the property manager:

For Campus Karlskrona

Office hours: 0455-30 33 90
Outside office hours: 0455-30 51 51

For Campus Karlshamn

Error report  weekdays between 07:30 – 16:30:
Phone: 0454-811 67, Marie Svanberg

Weekdays after 16.30, and weekends: KABO 0454-819 00

Non-urgent events

In case of non-urgent events, an error report shall be made to IT- and service department at

Non-urgent events to the police, call 114 14.