How to make a claim

Insurance - how to make a claim

Have you received medical care and you want to apply for compensation from Kammarkollegiet? Learn more about the process below.

Even when you have a health insurance, you will be asked to pay the full costs of the treatment upon the visit at the Medical Center and then apply for compensation from Kammarkollegiet afterwards. To claim money you paid, you should always ask for a written diagnosis with a stamp, from your doctor or hospital.

More information on Kammarkollegiets website.

Important information

You need to fill out different claim forms depending on if you are exchange or international tuition fee paying student. See more information at Insurance .

• Fill out the form
• Visit the Reception or send the form for signing to
• Reception will sign the form and return it to you within a couple of days
• Sign the form
• Send the claim and attach original receipts and other verifications to Kammarkollegiet

Please note:
It is the student responsibility to fill in all necessary information.

BTH is not responsible for the information in the claim, involved in the process or the decision. Process and decision are handled by Kammarkollegiet.