Storing documents and files

Storing documents and files

It is important that you store your documents and files in a safe place. BTH recommends you to use BTH:s OneDrive for storage.


Through BTH, you have access to Office365 and OneDrive via If you use this service, the storage is linked to your student account and is no longer available when your account closes.

If you use a computer in our lab rooms, you will automatically be logged in to OneDrive where you are recommended to save your document, save under OneDrive-BTH Student.

Remember to check that your file are syncronized before you log out. When the syncronize is ready a green symbol is shown at the document.

Storage space is 1 TB



All students at BTH also have a personal home directory that can be used for e.g. lab experiments in computer rooms. The home directory is backed up daily and can be accessed by you when using BTH’s student computers. If you lose or accidentally delete your files, the IT Helpdesk can help you recover them.

You can access your personal home directory via the student computers (J:).

Storage space is 300 MB. If you have trouble storing documents on J:, check your available storage space.


How do I check my storage space?

Open Explorer, and you will find J: under Network locations. There you will see how much storage space you have used.