Prepp leader

Do you want to become a prepp leader?

We work to ensure that all our new students get ready for their studies in a smooth way, and that they quickly make new friends and feel at home at BTH.

Preppen is a form of introductory programme that new students at BTH are offered.

What does a prepp leader do?

The prepp leader will support new students by answering their study related questions, giving advice on study related issues and giving information on e.g. social activities, student housing or other topics that is important at the beginning of your studies.

As a prepp leader, you are employed on an hourly basis and receive compensation for the hours you work.

Who can apply?

If you wish to work as a prepp leader, you need to have studied at least a year and you need to have passed your examinations. It is valuable if you are outgoing, have different commitments in your spare time, and find it easy to make new friends.

All prepp leaders will get training for the job as a prepp leader.

We work actively to have a gender balance in all we do.

Are you interested in becoming a prepp leader?

If you are interested, please send an email to Sven-Erik Arpåker, telling us a little about yourself.


Phone: 0455-38 50 77

Last day to apply: 20 April

After reviewing your application, you will be invited to a short interview.

Welcome with your application!