The BTH Research and Education Clinic will be expanded

BTH Research and Education Clinic

The BTH Research and Education Clinic will be expanded. This means that the students’ dining area on floor 2 of Länken will be removed.

Together with the Student Union, work is underway to develop new places to store, heat and eat food.

The passage between building G and C

The passage in Länken on level 2 will be kept open as much as possible, but during certain stages of the construction work it needs to be closed for passage. Follow signs on the doors.

Preliminary timetable

  • 15 April: de-construction starts on level 2 of Länken. This will continue until summer.
  • August: reconstruction of the clinic
  • December/January: inauguration of the new clinic

BTH Research and Education Clinic

The BTH Research and Education Clinic was established in July 2019 as an environment with suitable premises and equipment to conduct research and education in the field of applied health technology.

The clinic currently conducts a number of national and international clinical research projects and, on a smaller scale, a student-run health clinic. The clinic is also a meeting place where students, together with teachers and researchers, can design, test and simulate working methods for the healthcare of the future.

A home-like lab environment is being built

In order for the students to be able to train skills and abilities to be able to perform good and close care, they have seen the need for a home-like lab environment (an apartment) adjacent to the clinic. An expansion of the clinic provides the opportunity for teaching in a home-like lab environment and more space for the student-run health clinic that is carried out at the clinic during the students’ placement. The students would also be able to complete their entire placement at the health clinic. Furthermore, an apartment would provide the opportunity for training to perform care in a home environment with the support of digital technology and design, test and simulate different working methods.

17 February 2023