As a doctoral student you are entitled to supervision that gives you the help and support you need during your time as a doctoral student. You should have at least two supervisors of which one acts as the Main supervisor.

An Examiner is also appointed. The examiner can be one of your supervisors and together with the other supervisors form your supervisor group. The Examiner is responsible for approving your credits and courses and the licentiate thesis.

The Main Supervisor and the Examiner must be professors, adjunct professors or docents employed at BTH.

Connected to the supervisor group is a Senior reviewer who is responsible for checking both the doctoral student’s and the university’s commitments in the individual study plan. The Senior reviewer should be a senior researcher outside of the doctoral student’s research group and department in order to be able to objectively help if any conflicts occur in the supervisor group.

There should always be a supervisor who has the time and opportunity to answer the questions you want to discuss.

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Roles and division of responsibilities in the doctoral education

Changes in the supervisor group

Should you and the supervisors be in agreement you can request to make changes in the supervisory group. This could be the case if one of your supervisors needs to resign from the group or if you feel that someone with a complementary competence needs to be added to the group.

This process involves an application and is approved by the Dean.

Ansökan om förändrad handledarkonstellation / Request for changes in the supervisor group

Request to change supervisor

Should you feel that there is a problem with your supervision it is recommended that you discuss this first with your supervisors, secondly your Head of Department or the Dean at your Faculty.

If your supervision for whatever reason doesn’t work you have the right to change supervisors in accordance with the Higher Education Ordinance. A request to change supervisors is sent to the Registrator. You may suggest a new supervisor but don’t have the right to demand a certain new supervisor.