Support functions

Support functions

As a doctoral student you have a number of people that you can contact at BTH that will help you with all aspects of your doctoral studies, from admission to thesis defense.

Below you can find information about support during your education.

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Roles and division of responsibilities in doctoral education

Supervisor group

Main supervisor

The main supervisor always has the overall responsibility for the doctoral student’s education.

Together with the doctoral student the main supervisor’s responsibility is that the thesis work progresses at an appropriate rate according to the doctoral student’s individual study plan.

The main supervisor should be available for meetings with the doctoral student and provide adequate feedback on contributions to the research work.


The supervisor’ responsibility is to assist the main supervisor and complement the scientific and educational competence of the supervision.

As well as the main supervisor, the supervisor should be available for meetings with the doctoral student and provide adequate feedback on contributions to the research work.

Teaching mentor

Teaching mentors are assigned to doctoral students who will conduct teaching, by the director of education at the basic level/advanced level of the department concerned.

The teaching mentor’s responsibility is to be an advisor for doctoral students in the planning and implementation of their teaching, through discussion of arrangements and methods and can also be involved in the teaching.

Senior reviewer

A senior reviewer should be chosen by the doctoral student.

The senior reviewer can contribute with experience in research supervision and does not need to be an expert on the subject of the doctoral studies.

The senior reviewer’s responsibility is to follow up on both the commitments of the doctoral student and the university in the individual study plan.

Deans and HoD's


The Deans have the ultimate responsibility for the quality assurance of the doctoral education and can be contacted should a problem occur that other functions at BTH cannot handle.

Lars Lundberg, Dean at the Faculty of Computing

Göran Broman, Dean at the Faculty of Engineering

Head of department

The Heads of Department have the ultimate responsibility for the work environment and well-being of employed personnel at the respective departments and can be contacted should a problem occur that concerns the department such as supervision or work environment.

PhD student committee

PhD student committee

The PhD student committee is an association for doctoral students at BTH.

The purpose of the union is to promote the members’ common interests, such as more efficient research and research education, and increased cohesion and community among the doctoral students.

The PhD student committee’s responsibility is to monitor the rights of doctoral students and to support doctoral students in the event of problems in education or supervision.

If you want more information or if you have questions, contact the PhD student committee.

PhD Pal Programme

PhD Pal programme is an initiative to help new PhD students at BTH with onboarding and getting them acquainted with the research education, BTH campuses, and other available support functions.

If you want more information, please see the PhD Pal Programme


Research administration

For administrative questions, such as course registrations or transcripts, as well as questions on the rules and regulations governing doctoral education contact:

Marie Aurell, Academic and Administration Support Office

Carina Gyllberg, Academic and Administration Support Office

Monica Nilsson, Academic and Administration Support Office

Joint address for the research administration is


The Library provides help with information searches, publishing of licentiate and doctoral theses, and questions on research data and Open Access. For questions see more contact information.


Registrator collects and registers all formal documents and is generally where you should send applications or formal notifications during your studies, from application for admission to request to defend your thesis.

Registrator can be found at Building J, 4:th floor, next to IT-helpdesk and contacted at: