Student computers at BTH

Where can I find a student computer?

Computer rooms

C244 – 14
G312A – 10
G312B – 10

H320 – 22
H321 – 22
H322 – 18

Hallway computers

Building C 1 floor

Building G  4 and 5 floor

Library Karlskrona

Public computers – 2

The names of the computer rooms are a combination of one letter and three digits, where the letter represents the building and the digits the room.

All computer rooms and hallway computers are accessible 24 hours a day. You need a valid BTH card to access the rooms. Multifunction printers can be found in the hallway outside the computer rooms.

Remote connection

BTH has arranged so that you can access computer rooms at BTH through remote connection. This means that you can sit at home and connect to an individual computer at BTH and thus access the software that is there. For more information.

Booking of computer rooms

All computer rooms and the IT workshop can be booked for teaching. Only staff can book computer rooms. A booking schedule is posted on the door of all computer rooms. If the room is booked for teaching, you can use any available computer permitted by the supervisor.