Examination at another location

Examination at another location

An examination at another location may be permitted in exceptional cases, following a joint decision by the Examination office and the relevant head of

It is only permitted to take an examination at:

  • universities/higher education institutions
  • learning centres affiliated to the NITUS network
  • Swedish authorities abroad
  • foreign universities with whom BTH has signed exchange agreements

The student is responsible for making a request about taking an examination to the authority or learning centre where the student wishes to take the examination. This is to be done before signing up for the examination.

An application to take an examination at another location has to be done within the sign up period for the examination. The student pays any costs that arise in connection with an examination at another location.

An examination at another location may start at the most one hour before or one hour after the start of the examination at BTH. If the examination starts earlier at another location, the student may not leave the examination room earlier than one hour after the start at BTH.

Here you can apply for examination at another location.