Ladok for students

Ladok for students

Ladok is a system for study documentation.

In Ladok for students, you can, among other things, change address details, manage your registrations and print certificates. If you need a stamped and signed certificate, the Reception will be pleased to assist you.

Please note that you will find the form for Sign-up for examination at another location under Examination.

Sign in on Ladok for students.



– In order to register, the registration period must be open.

– Log in to Ladok for students and find your course. Click Register to register.

Continuation registration

When the course is given for several terms, you must register for the continuation within the registration period.


To be able to register for a course in Ladok for students, you must first change to another course instance.


–Log on.

– Find the course you want to re-register on. Click on the course, or choose to Show more about the course on the home page.

– In the participation box, select Change to another course instance. Select which course you want to change to and confirm the change.

– The change is complete. Next step is to register on the new course instance. Please note that the regular registration period must be open in order for you to register.

– In the Participation box, select Register.

Undo instance change

It is not possible to undo your instance change yourself. However, you can choose to cancel your participation on the course you have changed to. Please contact if you have any questions.

There can be various reasons why you cannot register. Look in our FAQ to see how you can solve it.

You can conduct study selections within programmes within the selection period. Outside the selection period, you will not see information about the study selection.

Conduct selections

The selection is displayed on the home page. By clicking on Show more, the options and rules for what can be selected will appear.

Tick your choice and click Select.

Once you have confirmed your choice, it will be marked as expected participation in the course or the selected program orientation.

Delete selections

You can only remove your choice of courses within the current selection period. Click on the course (or click on Show more on the course on the home page) and select the option Remove selection/registration. You can then redo your choice, if the selection period is still open.


To find your course, you can either look at the home page or on the page My Education.

Once you click on a course, you’ll see information about the course, your grades, and can manage your participation (for example, cancel or change course instance).

The course page lists the examination elements of the course. When the teacher has reported a result for an element, you will see a grade.

By unfolding the module, you will also see the examiner and examination date.

The final grade is reported by the teacher when all elements are completed.

On the course page, you can also see any credit transfers, titles and result notes.

On the Certificate page, you can create new certificates and see previously created certificates.

Create new certificates

Certificates can be created in Swedish or English. Each certificate has different options for you to make. The following certificates can be created:
• Certificate of expected participation in course occasions
• Certificate of Registration: Registrations and study activity.
• Certificate of results for courses and credit transfers. It is possible to delimit or make options.
• National result certificate: Results on courses and credit transfers at all Swedish higher education institutions that use Ladok.


Any certificates you create are verifiable. On the certificates there is a control code and a link to a web page where the certificate can be verified.

Previously created certificates

Once you have created a certificate, it is saved in Ladok and listed on the page for the entire validity period.

Note! If you open a previously created certificate, it is the same certificate that was created at the previous time.

To see new information that has been entered since then, you need to create a new certificate.

If you need a stamped and signed certificate, we are happy to help you with it at the reception.

On the My details page you can change your contact details. The same contact information is used for all higher education institutions.

• For students with a Swedish social security number, the registered address from the Swedish Population Register is automatically used.

• If you live at a temporary address or are without a Swedish social security number, you can choose to fill in a temporary address.

If you want to interrupt or cancel your education, do the following:

1. Click on the course, or choose to Show more about the course on the home page.

2. Select I don’t want to study this course.

3. A dialog box will now open with information about what cancellation and interruption mean. This is where you confirm your choice.

• Courses with cancellations or early interruptions will not be shown to you in Ladok for students.

• Courses with interruptions are displayed to you on the page My education (as well as on the start page during the study period).

If you need a stamped and signed certificate, we are happy to help you with it at the reception.

Courses are always listed under Current courses in these cases:

– before the registration period

– after the registration period

– if registration period is missing

Apply for degree certificate
Once you have logged in, select “Degrees and certificates” in the menu. Further information and instructions can be found in the application form.

Share your certificate with employers
Retrieve a control code in Ladok and send it to a recipient. Using the code, the recipient can view the information available in Ladok about the degree and its content. Select “Degrees and certificates” and then “Share certificate”.