Note-taking support

Note-taking support

If a student, due to their disability, is present but unable to take notes during lectures and teaching sessions, a fellow student may take notes for them. The fellow student will receive compensation from BTH for taking notes, copying them and occasionally typing them up. Sometimes, the need for note-taking support can be replaced by students recording the lectures on their mobile phones; however, this must first be approved by the course director or lecturer.

What does the support entail?

  • The student with a disability can copy their fellow student’s notes and process them later on their own.
  • The student with a disability receives their fellow student’s typed up notes via email or regular mail.

How to apply for note-taking support

If you want to receive note-taking support, please contact the coordinator. The person to provide the support will likely be a fellow student on your course. You will both attend a joint meeting with the coordinator before the note-taking support can begin.

Contact the coordinator at