Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus+ Internship

Erasmus + is an EU-funded program that promotes international cooperation on education, youth and sport. The program offers students in undergraduate or graduate education the opportunity for financial support for studies 2-12 months and / or internships 2-12 months. For both studies and internships, the student is enrolled at a higher education institution in Sweden at the time of application. The studies must be completed before the final degree is taken, but for internships it is also possible to practice 2-12 months in direct connection with completed studies.

Erasmus internships give you the chance to apply for a scholarship for internships or for thesis work abroad in one of the approximately 30 other countries included in the Erasmus program. Before submitting an application, you must have contacted a company or organization and received confirmation that you are welcome to practice there.

You must practice for at least 2 months and at most 12 months to be eligible for the scholarship. Previous Erasmus studies/internships are added together, and the total Erasmus mobility must not exceed twelve months per study level. The internship must be within your field of study.

Applications for internships are ongoing and you can complete the internship up to one year after completing your education. Please note, that your application for an Erasmus scholarship for an internship must be submitted no later than one month before you take your degree. The internship can also be done in the summer.

Scholarship: 660-710€ / month (different scholarship amounts for different countries)

Find an internship

Large companies and organizations often advertise internships on their websites. You can also look for internships on the following sites:


You can read more about the Erasmus+ scholarship here.


Deadline: Ongoing, however, your application must be received no later than one month before the start date of the internship.

Please note, if you are applying for a scholarship for an internship that is to begin after completing your degree (so-called “Recent Graduate”), you must apply before the end of your last semester of your study programme at BTH.

Applications for Erasmus + internships and appendices are submitted via Move On

  • Log in with your student account
  • Select Application for Erasmus internship

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