Localisation of BTH’s operations

Today, the Board of Governors at BTH has decided to sign a letter of intent for cooperation with the municipality of Karlshamn, as well as a decision on the localisation of BTH’s operations.

The Board has decided:

– to conclude the proposed letter of intent with the municipality of Karlshamn.

– that the operations at Campus Karlshamn be moved from summer 2025 to Campus Karlskrona in accordance with the timetable that the Vice-Chancellor later decides on.

– to instruct the Vice-Chancellor to initiate renegotiation of the current cooperation agreement with the municipality of Karlshamn in line with the intentions of the letter of intent.

The decision means that the current education that BTH provides at Campus Karlshamn will remain there until the summer of 2025. The education in media technology will then move to Campus Karlskrona to safeguard and coordinate the opportunities for research and education.

Staff and students at the Department of Technology and Aesthetics have received information during the day.

21 February 2023