Examination via Zoom

Examination via Zoom

  • Signing up is mandatory regardless of how the exam will be conducted
  • You always sign up for the exam on campus (not at another place) when your exam is via Zoom
  • When registered, you will receive a personal Zoom invitation two to three days via email, this invitation is your access to the exam.
  • Please note that admission only is possible before the start of the exam, admission 45 minutes after the start is not applied

When you write the exam in Canvas via Zoom

You must be accepted and registered on the course.
If you have questions about your course or how to use Canvas, contact your teacher first.
If you have problems that your teacher cannot solve, contact IT Helpdesk

When you write digital exam in Inspera via Zoom

To make sure your computer is working, you can test a demo exam (no SEB) at bth.inspera.no/student

Before the exam:

Remember you should be prepared carefully, before the start of the exam. You need to have a working computer and internet connection as well as a working camera on a mobile phone or other device. The camera (mobile, webcam, etc.) must be placed so that your entire work area is visible during the exam and that you are visible in the image.

During the exam:

  • Position your mobile phone so that the exam host sees your entire workspace during the exam.
  • You are not allowed to leave the Zoom room during the exam.
  • When the exam starts, and during the entire exam, your microphone and camera image must be switched on.
  • In case of technical problems, please contact us and call +46 733- 46 16 28.
  • If you need to ask a question regarding the exam, this is done in the chat window by using “Raise Hand”. The exam host then contacts the teacher in charge and provides feedback.
  • If you need to go to the toilet, this must be reported to the exam host via the chat window by writing your name. The toilet visit must not take more than 5 minutes and the exam host registers for how long you stay away.
  • The exam must be conducted individually, i.e. cooperation is not allowed.
  • Only the aids that are mentioned on the exam are allowed.
  • If you, as a student, are not connected via Zoom when you write the exam it counts as cheating!

Submitting the exam:

  • When you submit the exam, write the time of submission in the chat window at the same time so that the exam host can match the time.


  • that you have a working camera on a computer / laptop / mobile or other device
  • that your equipment is properly connected and fully charged
  • that you have access to a network
  • that your login works for all digital systems

We do not support:

  • non-functioning computer, mobile, camera or other technical equipment
  • forgot password
  • account in Zoom
  • network problems