Zoom for students


As a student at BTH, you have access to the e-meeting service Zoom.

Under the prevailing situation, when a lot of teaching is on distance, we consider Zoom to be an important tool for you to give you the possibility to meet and engage in collaborations at a time when you cannot meet physically.


To get access to Zoom, you must first of all create an account
Here you will find more information about how to create an account.


Information about security and Zoom

Sunet’s Zoom installation, which is the one used at Swedish universities, is completely different from the public Zoom solution. The public Zoom is what is mentioned in the press regarding personal data and encryption. These are issues that we are not affected by in our separate installation. You will find more information about Sunets Zoom installation below.

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Sunet: Säkerhet i Zoom
NORDUnet: GDPR and Privacy Facts
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