BTH card

BTH card

All students registered to courses or programmes are eligible for a BTH card during their semester of study. The cards are issued at the reception in building A, Campus Karlskrona.


  • access card to the university’s premises
  • identity card within campus e.g. evenings and weekends
  • print on the university’s printer
  • identification at examination – identity document such as driver’s license and passport are also valid
  • Library card (you have to activate your library account first)

The BTH card does not offer any student discounts or similar.

Access to premises

You can use the BTH card to access BTH’s premises. It can also be used to access computer rooms and certain hallways depending on your study programme. If you need access to special lab rooms, contact your course director who can provide authorization.

Obtain your BTH card

The card is optional and free of charge. In order to obtain your BTH card, you must be photographed on site, be registered and present valid photo ID in the form of a passport, driver’s license or ID card. The BTH card is primarily intended for campus students, and is not issued to distance students unless they visit BTH, Campus Karlskrona, in person.

How long is the card valid?

  • The period of validity will be updated when you register on a course.
  • If you register on a course on the autumn semester your card will be valid until February next year.
  • If you register on a course on the spring semester your card will be valid until September the current year.

Lost card

If you lose your card, you will be required to pay SEK 50 to get a new one. You should also block your card if you lose it.


If you have any questions, please email