Student account

Student account

As a new student at BTH, you need a student account. The student account gives you access to email, Microsoft 365, computer rooms and more.

If you have any questions or problems with your student account, please contact


Manage student account

Raise the assurance level of your account

This only applies if you have a Swedish personal identity number (issued by the Swedish Tax Agency) reported in Ladok.

From 1 January 2024, Ladok requires a higher assurance level on your student account in order to log in.

This means that you have to identify yourself with BankID or Freja eID Plus, so that we can be sure that it is you who hold the student account.

Log in to and select “Account assurance level”.

Several ways to raise the assurance level of your account

The easiest way to increase the assurance level is to log in to and follow the instructions under “Account assurance level”, but there are more ways.

Get a one-time code
You can get a one-time code at BTH’s reception or at IT Helpdesk. To get your code, you need to show a valid ID document in the form of a passport, Swedish driver’s license or ID card. Digital ID is not a valid ID document.

One-time code by mail
We can also send a code to your registered address. Contact or call 0455-38 51 00 for help.

Your student account gives you access to

Be careful when using apps

When you provide your username and password to your student account in apps that save your information, they can technically access all of your student services at BTH and act like you.

It is not allowed to share your login information with others.

Protect your account and identity

Using only usernames and passwords to protect your BTH account is not optimal from a security perspective. Increasingly, our accounts are exposed to attacks and intrusion attempts and we need to be able to ensure that only authorized users log in and have access to information and functions in our systems.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) – a safer way to login

Your account and identity will be protected by requiring an additional factor, in addition to your password, when logging into most of BTH’s systems and services. This enhances your protection against account hijacking and data loss.

When 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is used during login, it becomes much more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access devices and digital services compared to when only one factor, such as a password, is used.

FAQ two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication means that you use an extra factor in addition to your password to confirm that you are you. This can be for example your mobile number or the Microsoft Authenticator app. The additional factor provides extra security and better protection against account hijacking and data loss.

Once you’ve activated two-factor authentication for your account, log in by first entering your password, then the method you have chosen yourself. If you have chosen MS Authenticator, you can confirm your login either with a numeric code, your fingerprint or facial recognition.

– If you have used two-factor login once, you are logged in until further notice and do not need to repeat the login with two factors again.

– If you log in with a device or password that you have not used before, you will need to log in with two factors again.

– Incognito window requires two-factor login each time.

The first time you log in you will be redirected to a page where you can choose an additional authentication method.

The IT department recommends using Microsoft Authenticator as the primary method because it is more secure than SMS.

Here is a step-by-step instruction on how to enable two-factor sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator.

Microsoft Authenticator makes it possible to easily and securely confirm your sign-in. Using Authenticator is as easy as using BankID and is also significantly safer than using text messages or phone calls.